proof bp hygiene protection strips for blood pressure cuffs (germ barrier for single use)

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proof bp hygiene protection for blood pressure cuffs. Germ barrier for single use. proof bp does not cause any change in the measured values. Suitable for every standard blood pressure cuff.

Contains: 8 rolls (a 50 strips / roll)

 medikall clean proof bp is a proven effective germ barrier for single use during blood pressure measurement. Uncomplicated to use, indispensable in everyday medical life. The protective strip between cuff and skin interrupts the chain of infection and ensures safety. For the protection of patients and medical staff.

proof S germ barrier – At a glance

  • proof bp does not change the measured values
  • proof bp prevents the transmission of germs through the blood pressure cuffs – effective protection for staff and patient
  • Easy to use: Perforated and with adhesive at the ends
  • Suitable for cuffs of any size - even for strong arms
  • Suitable for cuff of any manufacturer
  • The interruption of the infection chain ensures hygienic patient contact at all times

 proof bp germ barrier – Application

  1. Remove the cuff protection strip and attach it to the patient's arm,
  2. fix with adhesive surfaces,
  3. Put on the cuff as usual
  4. Blood pressure measurements
  5. Dispose

Material: wet-strengthened crepe paper, DEHP and PVC free - contains latex

Note: Product for single use; can be disposed of after use without problems.

Product details
Box dimensions: L=27.0 cm, D=7.5 cm
Weight: 0.106 g / roll (pack 0.212 g)

Protective strip dimensions: 14 x 24 cm as hygiene protection for every standard blood pressure cuff

Manufacturer: ERKA Kallmeyer Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG